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Hey Andy, this is Caty from PnP! I hope you've had a good summer. My PC is slightly bust at the moment, and since I can't check my outlook email on any other machine I can't recieve any emails from Tim. I was wondering if you knew if there was going to be a meeting on Tuesday?

Random aside! I went to the most awesome comic store in Chicago over the summer, it was an alternative comic book shop and just had some of the weirdest titles I've ever seen in my life...

Ahh! Anyway, thanks! See you at the next meeting, when ever that may be. Have a good weekend.

I've not gotten any through about that first meet, and I've not contact points. You may want to try the Facebook group. In previous years the first week has been set up for a meet.

Thanks Andy! it seems odd there has been no email yet, but then maybe tim is still getting used to things... I shall go attempt to navigate the so called website that is Facebook and see if there is anything.

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