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They don't like us talking about Bilderberg !

Day five of insomnia for me and this time I'm going for the stay up all night option. Uploaded some new Jones interviews for my yank friends with Gore Vidal, Aaron Russo and Mike Malloy here and feedback is appreciated here or in private, and don't forget Alex Jones' open access podcast.

Just sped read Paul Joseph Watson subverting the sensationalist game by stating the UK gov-thugs is out to get bloggers. Its an opinon piece, but is written linking in a broad context as no direct reference specifics to blogs has been made. As usual, he turns up some interesting stones and finds a bunch of cockroaches underneath.
And of course its well documented that they're aiming for bloggers in America Corruption in government would fight a war the way corruption in American government might fight a war. Koruppt Gov in either country would consider putting violent drunks into positions of power, say at the level of Home Secretary or Vice-President ?

On 19 Oct he was quizzed in the Commons about Bilderberg
Norman Baker asked Blair if he'd ever attended, he said no, yet theres evidence of a visit just before he became PM, 93 and ...say is that Gordon Brown in 91 sorry lost my train of thought, in 1998

"Blair's presence contrasts markedly with his answer to a written parliamentary question from Christopher Gill MP in March this year where he denied any of his government attended Bilderberg."
Thats 1998, folks.

Over on War in Iraq Steve Watson writes, "A House of Lords minute entry dated 11th October also indicates that an answer is awaited on whether any ministers attended this year's Bilderberg Conference:

The Lord Stoddart of Swindon—To ask Her Majesty's Government whether any Ministers attended the Bilderberg Conference in Ottawa between 8th and 11th June; if so, whether they attended in a Ministerial or private capacity; whether they made contributions to debates; and, if so, on which subjects. CO (HL7569)

It seems that some members of The Houses want to know exactly who is attending Bilderberg meetings and in what capacity. "

Will the naughty little Kenneth Clarke 'fess up ?
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