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Well, I managed to lose the voicepost apologising for not uploading the halloween story so

The house was very draughty back in the days of 93, and I didn't know of the when and who of the previous occupiers.

In two sessions, the first part my nervousness in addressing an audience comes through and I make an effort to replace it by multi-layering the mix. The sound quality is quite poor in places, Im clearly not a musician. The second part recorded just now is more laid back and conversational like a traditional voicepost. I didn't include any multi-layering so the alteration in quality is quite noticeable. Its a nice story though and it all ends well. Even if I do sound like I've been listening to Gerard Langley from the Blue Aeroplanes poorly, way too much.

You can read the one page comic strip version drawn during a telling of the tale by Barry Renshaw uploaded over on mondoagogo's photostream
(If you get scared for my safety during the course of the story, this helps:)
Tags: halloween, mp3, ouija board story

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