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a writer who draws

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Alex Jones interviews Ralph Steadman
sp act hero movie
Ok. I'd vowed not to upload any pop cult mp3s from my subscription up for a time, but as so many of my friends and contacts are cartoonists, I'll make a once-in-a-while exception.

Alex Jones, film-maker and father of the 911 Truth movement welcomes acclaimed British cartoonist, caricaturist and Hunter S. Thompson collaborator Ralph Steadman to discuss his relationship with Thompson, his death, and Steadman's new book, The Joke's Over.


So new I haven't even finished listening to it yet. Certainly beautiful and articulate, is this Bugpowder relevant ?
Someone subscribe to www.prisonplanet.tv or donate to Propaganda Matrix to clear my conscience.

(my review on the interview : an amazing, articulate interview and given what i know, eyewatered some sad)

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I think it's pretty Bugpowder relevant, in that he's a prominent British illustrator and cartoonist. But I'm probably biased, I love his collaborations with Will Self in the Independent...

Well given my political leanings I'd be happy to have a post up there, but as he doesn't talk about his cartooning work, I'm not sure. Certainly this sort of thing is of great importance to a wide audience. Hope you enjoy it Ellen.
(btw is this our first correspondence ? really wowed and awesome-ified by your work)

Hey Andy,
Well, we spoke a bit earlier in the week about the Divine Comedy. Which for two albums was the best band on earth :) But thanks for the compliments...I appreciate them!

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