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a writer who draws

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Mark Moody Stuart
sp act hero movie

Mark Moody Stuart
Originally uploaded by Andy Luke.
A few illustrations of the former chairman of Shell Oil.. Drawn while pausing the video were he gets a cream pie in the face. The video is called "Reach for the Sky" and can be found at clearerchannel.org/undercurrents/page.php?id=448&pref...
It may seem slightly cruel of me to pause and rewind and pause and play and pause and play and pause and play again, but when the cream pie is on his face you can really make out this monster whore of satan's distinguishing features in some great detail.

Last night, I also watched,  Mark Thomas : Weapons Inspector (one of the few full length shows from original UK transmission), Mark Thomas protesting in Parliament Squaremeeting surveillance cops when reporting on CCTV and the Data protection Act and Mark Thomas trying to get shot by kicking a football into 10 Downing st, buckingham palace and a prison.

Now, I'm going to finish the comics I were working on. I may not have an option. I got off the bus after the pub and have been in the university computer rooms for the last five and a half hours because of the rain !

Went to check out the new FF movie trailer at Sparkymark's advice and discovered my favourite sci-fi tv show is hurrah on dvd ! I will be buying one.

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'Monster whore of Satan'; nice phrase.

=Thanks for noticing=!)

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