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a writer who draws

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Four Alien Morrisseys for Mei
sp act hero movie

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Compulsory Viewing




"New Labour are faced with a dilemma. The system of consumer democracy that they embraced in order to get elected has trapped them into a series of short-term and often contradictory policies. As more and more things go wrong, there are increasing demands that they fulfil a grander vision. People expect them to use the power of government to deal with problems of growing inequality and the decaying social fabric of the country. But, to do this, they will have to appeal to the electorate to think outside their individual self interest. We have forgotten that we can be more than that — that there are other sides to human nature. And now, although we feel we are free, in reality we, like the politicians, have become the slaves of our own desires"

Re: Compulsory Viewing

Not sure were you got that quote from as I can't be arsed to google it, but this is a trend that goes back decades. To my mind, the notion of democracy is one that individuals must employ in lobbying and if its not a job the only time for it is the relegation to a fully-time hobby. Yes, we are often penned in, rather than penning in.

If you know me, you know I'll not be downloading those links. Your quote is good, though I don't know for sure who you are, and I therefore don't know if I can trust you. Tomorrow, when I'm feeling less paranoid I may start with http://www.indybay.org/

Compulsory Viewing Affirmative

Wow. It is The Adam of Curtis, also known as Adam Curtis. Thank you for finding these. Lovely linked to website on the video. Real Media files are the genius when theyre compressed as much as this. Also being genius in genius helps, as Tom Baker might say.

Working my way through part 2.

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