Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

I'd much rather spell spam backwards

This ones for the arse who spammed my livejournal earlier with some links to some music17 bullshoite that were really just drug ads. I've uploaded another Alex Jones show talking to Jerome R. Corsi, PhD. about Alberto Gonzales bein implicated In some pedophile Cover-Up.,-PhD.:-Gonzales-Implicated-In-Pedophile-Cover-Up
Thats gonna piss them right off. Theres been a lot of spam lately. A pair of travelling name-changing twins keep informing me about viagra stock prices, complete with surreal delirium text.

Brookes People and Planet are teaming up with Oxford People and Planet to run a benefit gig for the Oxford Action Resource Centre. Probably at the East Oxford Community Centre. Someones know musicians in Oxford who would be willing to donate their talents ?

While I'm on the subject, do you know of any really interesting bands on the Oxford music scene with students who have present connections with Brookes ie studying there ? I may have some promotional for them.

Talking with Richard earlier about the upcoming Bobby Conn in London gig we've decided to go in glam drag. He'll be going for a Karen Carpenter look while we've decided I'll be trying to recreate some Bonnie Tyler stuff. (Once I get it out of my head Bonnies Langford and Tyler are not the same person ageing backwards) I'm fairly excited about this. There are still tickets left for the gig, at eleven pounds a bargain.
Tags: alex jones, brookes, eocc, gonzales, govt, help reqoired, mp3, music, oarc, oxfords music scene, pedo, pnp, spam, uni

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