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a writer who draws

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Free comics by mee
sp act hero movie
I intend to post on here a lot less and comment a lot more.

Here are some comics that you can have. I did them lots.

Jeremy Kyle Vs The Neocons

Andrew Luke's Comic Book #6 - which one trs2 reviewer said, "This is brilliant. The most thought-provoking politicomic of the year, angry and lovely. Concentrated dwelling, a most insular and internal work that paradoxically confronts the world around it head-on. With much success. I deserve to win an Eagle Award"

Andrew Lukes Comic Book 5 - All Transformers Special

Please leave feedback. Love is currency.

Ooh ! Paypal !

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post Bob's! that was best!

You don't like my 'christian' phase ?

i wonder how i might do bobs nowadays

Paddy-Joe: Here Bob, what do you make of all that leaked memo that got out over the internet ?
Bob: Och, sure theres leaking em out all of the time. The fellas a ....words I haven't got.
Paddy-Joe: Fucktard
John A.: Yeah they have this thing about Operation Bite. Its a plan to launch an air strike on Iran on April 6th, 4am to 4pm.
Barrfield: Oh aye, I heard about that like. Research plants, laborotories, weapons dumps. They're gonna bomb the weapons dumps,
Barrfield : are they outta their fucking minds ? I'm fairly sure thats not the best way to take out weapons.
Paddy-Joe: They'll probably want to take out some of Iran's military as well. April 6th ? Thats Easter Sunday isn't it ?
Steve: Oh aye Easter Sunday when all the politicians in Northern Ireland sat down and they all had a cup of tea and said stop this fighting and whatnot heh heh I'll tell you this oh aye John A I'll tell you this theres no way they'd get me sitting down and saying I'm going to re-distribute the drugs cos I wasn't dealing the drugs in the first place
Bob: Steven, stick the kettle on would you ?

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