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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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2011 Appearances
sp act hero movie
My bio, reviews, comics and essays are mostly linked to on my profile page

The Black Panel at the Black Box, Hill Street, Belfast, Second Sundays of each month, 12-5pm (UNDER NEGOTIATION FROM AUGUST)

Belfast Comics Pub Meet, The Cloth Ear, Merchant Hotel, Waring Street, Belfast, First Thursday of the month, 9-11pm 

Hold the Phones, It's Alex Jones! With Professor Octagon and benchilada , Autumn 2010 and Autumn 2011

Don't Get Lost: A 24 Hour Comic, Autumn 2010

Catalyst Arts Comics Festival - Late April, Early May 2011

Absence - Mark 2 released around Northern Ireland, drawn by Stephen Downey - April 2011

2D Comics Festival - Verbal Arts Centre and Sandinos, Derry, 3-5th June 2011

Austerity Caption 2011 - Alternative Methods of Funding and Production Mega-Panel.with Charles CuttingMatt Dyson and Deirdre Ruane, 6-7th August, East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Rd, Oxford

Ballymena Waterstones Comic Book Night - Panel and Presentation with Paddy Brown and Stephen Downey

Comics Barcamp Belfast, Blick Studios, 51 Malone Rd,- Saturday 3rd September, 9am-6pm

Event Venue TBA involving Belfast Culture Night - Friday 23 September 

Guest at TitanCon, Europa Exhibition Centre, Belfast (Workshop with Will Simpson and Paddy Brown) - Sat 24 September, 

Talk and Presentation at UnLtd Awards Day, Linenhall Library, Belfast - Wednesday 28 September

Airing November - The Invisible Artist?, a documentary about the Belfast Comix scene in association with NVTV

November 12- Guest at ComicsWest, Galway University Comic Book Society Convention http://www.irishcomicnews.com/event-comics-west-nui-galway-12-november/

Download my Creative CV here

Meet some o'my friends,

Matt Badham loves and writes about comics
Oli writes about himself, well.
Jackfirecat is a poet and photographer
Jeremy Day is very wise and a cartoonist.
Danny Pongo is an original storyteller supremo.
John Robbins is also quite wise, hard-working and uniquely funny. He makes stories too.
Ben STone is the Internet Monkey King.
Paddy Brown makes comics about the olden days in Ulster.
Lee Kennedy draws smashing portraits and dreams of movie stars

I'm currently looking for my next project. Contact via the CV above.

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Hi there!

Sorry to hijack your comments like this, but I found your LJ through searching for 'Oxford Brookes'. I'm currently rehearsing Witches of Eastwick with the Oxford Brookes' Fortune Players society. The show will be on at the New Theatre on Thursday 31st May at 7.30pm and 1st June at 2.30pm and 7.30pm, and as it is the largest production we have ever attempted and we are unfortunately relying on ticket sales alone we are trying every avenue we can to drum up support, we have currently sold 450 tickets covering the three performances but need every bit of help that we can get. If you have the slightest interest in musicals or want to help support one of the university's oldest societies (35 years and still going strong) to keep up its traditions, as well as enjoy a high quality musical for half the price of the proessional touring ones that the New Theatre has recently housed, please come along and bring any friends or family too! It's a relatively un-known musical, enjoying a short run in the West End (from which we've obtained the set!), but it is well worth seeing - great toe tapping tunes and a visual spectacular.

Thank you for reading this and I hope we will see you there.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Ah yes. I been reading about that on MOTD. Don't I know your name from a mutual LJ friend ?

Tickets available from the New Theatre, somewhere at Brookes presumably,...

What price ?

More info if you gots... I'll put a plug up.

Maybe even get to attend myself. Seeing as how I'm being specifically invited and I have fancied a musical, my rational weasling avenues are closing off.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

I can't see any mutual friends on your profile, but it's possible nevertheless!

The tickets are available from the box office of the New Theatre in town (we're not handling any ticket sales at campus cos it's too confusing) and also on www.ticketmaster.com.

Top price is £16 for stalls (£11 for balcony and £14 for circle), but you get student concessions and for groups of 10+ we're doing discounts.
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