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Comics Festivals - Dealer Table Prices - The Perfect Solution
lets go to work
Writing to the TFTF boys, this occurred. I've probably said it before, but here it is again

Pete Ashton, Dek Baker and Jez Higgins held a thing called Brumcab back in the nineties, were a sizeable percentage of the uk comics scene was crammed and i mean crammed into a small pub covered in posters and complete with pub quizzes, there was perhaps one dealer table. The second day the upstairs of the pub was not rented and as it were a Sunday it were quiet. Comics folks just turned up en masse, because they knew other comics folks were going to be there. I suspect this is the way it oughtta be, and a definite good template for hosting a comics convention.

Maybe we oughtta throw one. Pick a pub, say theres a comics convention happening there and just wait for everyone to show up.

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Only problem is that this excludes da kidzzzzzzz.


Fucking A, Mr Luke.
I like your thinking.

Dave B

Tell Doug Noble to get the price of his comics up.
-Mr Luke

Despite the fact it excludes da kidzzzzzzzz (as already mentioned) I too like your thinking.

Dave, stop swearing.

Shall we organise one?


I've just discovered theres a comics festival in Bristol which happens to be attached to the bar were I'll be attending one of these 'free festivals'. Tch, coincidence and parallel bookings ! Will the synchronicity never cease ?

You will of course be helping me man a table - yes I'm talking to you.

Mr. Luke

(Also - you may need this

Hope to see you at Bristol, Andy.

To claim your free pint, simply approach me and say:

"Mini-comic for me, Mr B!"


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