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The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco
sp act hero movie
Wandered into reading up on this episode of Angel, didn't find much, except for a lot of folks pointing and yelling filler ! filler !
Was not.
Good to read folk sticking up for this particular episode. On top of the classic opening laughfest on geriatric-bashing we're given a micro-universe mythology complete with its own heroes and villians, told through generations properly paced and brought up to date in a smart climatic finish. Not to mention all the character-relative material about Angel's soul, the Shanshu, and his new paperwork over fisticuffs approach to fighting the good fight. A good variety of new characters, and possibly more sets than any other episode of this season. If theres a problem with this episode, its that its a classic foolishly overlooked by many fans, who forget the shortcomings of Story-A in 5x02-5x04 and 5x07. All in all though, this is the finest season of the show, and a very rare thing on television that is.

(More thoughts on this series and on Firefly in my new comic book, downloadable below. It too is Numero Cinco)