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Dr Who 3x03 "Gridlock"  - Episode Reflection

Watched New Dr Who on the television at the weekend, something I've only done three or four times. I really enjoyed the bit at the beginning were Dr T is asked about Gallifrey. That Martha one was irritating and pressing for answers so he eludes her questions by talking about how beautiful it is (as it exists in his memory for one see, <i>_it_exists_</i>) His delivery was quite painterly - you are there. Tennant does this all quite well, more than romantic, its an enthusiastic sharing of spirit (through sound and image) that is corporeal, is it not ?

And then there was all that really fun jolly stuff about Ardal O Hanlon and cats and cars and surprise lesbians. Nice twist with the race-against-time being a surviving-through-slowness. And the Face of Boe. Though it was that opening monologue that really engaged my executive higher functioning. The fans end was simply dwindling it down to geek-nerd inclusion for those with poor storytelling predictive and understanding abilities (and desperate for a fix of specifics, as any geek-nerd is)

 "You are not alone" raises two points  - The Face of Boe is a useless twat. If he waited until he were almost dead to tell the doctor there were other Gallifreyan(s) then hes a bit of a shit friend. Don't they keep in contact, I'm sure the Tardis gets Email easily. Chances are it were parting compassion thing. Perhaps the doctor and he had a falling out in between stories and it was difficult for Boe to admit his true feelings after a period of memory loss. This too seems unlikely as Doctor Tennant does inspire backrubs and cutting sugar out of his diet. I don't know, I'm just trying to make sense of it all.

Still, Gallifrey and its people were always alive, Martha. Theres just some buttons you shouldn't push too hard. They're not all like me though.
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