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a writer who draws

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One of these sentences has to come out of my globalisation essay : can you guess which one ?
sp act hero movie
Those accusing of journalistic bias must take into account the branding of Tesco employees. Wandering the aisle of camel lights, a man with a large blue and white sticker running from the centre of his face down to his Adam’s Apple. The legacy of Fordism and its adaptive abilities are represented in these large stores of “homogenised retailing”, moving into towns and “stifling choice and fostering a sense of alienation”.

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So you saw a goth and they said it was a llama? Or you saw a llama and they said it was a goth?

I just kind of freaked out in a "WHAT WAS THAT ?" way. I assumed because it was all in black on a sunny day it must have been a goth. Not the most scientific analysis granted, though I reckon there were others.

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