Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

I'm going to be on the webs a lot less over this week due to general short-sightedness on my part.

Dr. Who 3x04 - Daleks In Manhattan Episode Reflection

Which is a shame, because I wanted to draw a picture were Daleks are singing <a href="">The Metascience's </a>Four Colour Love Story. They were in my dreams last night, crying out 'Pro-Tect ! Pro-Tect ! They Must Be Saved No Har-m Shall Come To Them !' I quite like this change in the Daleks.

In New Who, the supporting characters are generally interesting, exemplary people. See how a lot of them were wearing hats ? Why can't I find good access to mass budget hats ? In fact, all the good folk in Who are so sweet they're like famine relief workers. Then theres the Daleks, the assholes of Who. Now though, they've got survivor gills.

Oh right, I'm gonna keep making stupid jokes, you're going to go home ? Maybe you are home.

The Daleks in full victim mode. Yeah, because you so want to help.

Has anyone been watching the latest series of South Park ? Its climbed again to high quality status and the Easter episode a few weeks ago, one of those well memorable once in a whilers.

So yeah, Richard in London on Wednesday, if anyone wants to hang with us give us a bell. I'll make an effort to check my emails twice a day.

Best wishes

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