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a writer who draws

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My First Day of The Vacation All About Me
Cleaning with Jack Kirby
Things I've been doing

  • Flu
  • Nasty Nosebleeds
  • Cold sniffles
  • Tea
  • Found a fiver under other papers
  • Rigged up my Palm Zire 71 with many funky games, and a wine guide.
  • Emailed students I worked for last year to get their signatures on pay claim forms
  • Found the final third page of thumbnail script for my lost classic, 'Autobots In Iraq' after almost a year of searching. Hurrah ! Any takers ?

Things I Have To Do This Summer

  • Write pitch for combined studies - due on Friday
  • Register at Brookes for next year
  • Check in Computer Services for missing cd where is it ??
  • Work up pitch for Ob Scene revamp
  • Summer Campaign - Asylum seekers and educational funding correction
  • Write article on Northern Ireland Comics Scene for RedEye
  • Find a Job
  • Find somewhere to live (to move end of July or sooner)
  • Finish Sir Reginald strip
  • Draw a new comic for Caption
  • Choose modules
  • Send a comic to Fantagraphics
  • Retrieve data from old laptop
  • Visit Ulster (maybe for a month - under consideration)
  • Prep for Caption - Dreams and Nightmares
  • Jog lots and lose some weight
  • Make progress on the relationship front. I made a secret new years resolution to get married this year hoping it wouldnt actually get me married, though at least significantly down that path enough to take a path off it with someone. The only person I told was Mei, last week. He said I probably want to let some girls know about that.

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blimey - a "to do" list - you must be v.organised ( i should follow your goob example & to get myself one of those ); take care of yrself w/the cold/flu symptoms - there have been some v.nasty doses doing the rounds recently down our way

I smoke very little but sometimes I smoke a lot for a few days. After this happens I get really bad flu symptoms for about a week unless I stop altogether for a while. So thats on the cards.

It didnt help that I went out clubbing two nights in a row and walked home for an hour, while my guest got lost and arrived back four hours later in a similar state.

I did turn down free tickets to a gig tonight, so i feel a little responsible.

"i smoke because i'm hoping for an early death - and i need to cling to something!" - i gave up in aug 2005 & i still miss it sometimes

i should make a to do list too

want to help


A Film or a Giant advert?


Re: A Film or a Giant advert?

I've been wanting to use this userpic again.

Yeah, very interesting link there and I suspect its all over the country today. Thanks for forwarding it. I guess this media bandwagon was to be expected, and to be honest I think I'm gonna be a bit tried by seeing the Holy Reverend Dr. Optimus Prime of the Church of All Deities Of Planet Earth appearing on the side of Cola cartons, as jolly to be there as Megatron is. This summers going to be like some psychic nagging on the 1985ers, before the merchandising scandal clears a year later and we reckon, "that was a lot better than star wars episode one".

Check out reverendoptimus

Did I mention I also have a 2/3 written-thumbnailed Transformers Take Tibet story that I'd like someone to help me work on ?

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