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My First Day of The Vacation All About Me

Things I've been doing

  • Flu
  • Nasty Nosebleeds
  • Cold sniffles
  • Tea
  • Found a fiver under other papers
  • Rigged up my Palm Zire 71 with many funky games, and a wine guide.
  • Emailed students I worked for last year to get their signatures on pay claim forms
  • Found the final third page of thumbnail script for my lost classic, 'Autobots In Iraq' after almost a year of searching. Hurrah ! Any takers ?

Things I Have To Do This Summer

  • Write pitch for combined studies - due on Friday
  • Register at Brookes for next year
  • Check in Computer Services for missing cd where is it ??
  • Work up pitch for Ob Scene revamp
  • Summer Campaign - Asylum seekers and educational funding correction
  • Write article on Northern Ireland Comics Scene for RedEye
  • Find a Job
  • Find somewhere to live (to move end of July or sooner)
  • Finish Sir Reginald strip
  • Draw a new comic for Caption
  • Choose modules
  • Send a comic to Fantagraphics
  • Retrieve data from old laptop
  • Visit Ulster (maybe for a month - under consideration)
  • Prep for Caption - Dreams and Nightmares
  • Jog lots and lose some weight
  • Make progress on the relationship front. I made a secret new years resolution to get married this year hoping it wouldnt actually get me married, though at least significantly down that path enough to take a path off it with someone. The only person I told was Mei, last week. He said I probably want to let some girls know about that.

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