Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

{personal} Please read this, and fax Liam Byrne.

Its about a girl who was raped in Cameroon, and is due to be deported back to the place were she was raped. They want to take her out of Belfast with her daughter and return her to somewhere were theres a clear indication of violence.

Put your own self into this message. It shouldn't be difficult to find something in common with this human being. This is treading on what you've fought for. Messages need to be in by tomorrow morning.

If you can't manage it send it to me and I'll sort it for you.

Please use discretion if re-posting this.

This is for a friend.

edit: Here are some free fax online services, if you cant do it from a fax machine,
and lists

On 5/8/07, __________ wrote:

Hi Andy
S'cuse me for being thick but what is required here? What is the proceedure.
Do you know the person in question?

On 5/8/07, Andrew Luke <> wrote:
No problem _______.
Someone very dear to me who I 'got through the war with' works directly with this person at the belfast community centre, teaching her english, helping her settle in, find work, benefits and providing emotional PTSD support.

The procedure is fairly simple. Just write a letter appealing for her not to be deported, prefacing it with some common ground. eg. 'I am a student working with...', 'I am a teacher working with'.. I'll leave that up to your own identitys manufacture.

I've worked with PTSD rape survivors myself, and I'm one too, so technically speaking, you could claim to have worked with PTSD survivors, having worked alongside myself, and producing helpful results in getting over these obstacles.

I've reprinted an amnesty international letter writing guide after this email for clarity.

Love and best wishes

There are a few simple rules.

  1. Always be polite. This rule is essential and invariable. Your aim is to help stop human rights abuses, not to relieve your own feelings. Governments don't respond to abusive or condemnatory letters (however well deserved).
  2. Always go on the basis that the government concerned is open to reason and discussion.
  3. It is important where possible to stress a country's reputation for moderation and justice, to show respect for its constitution and judicial procedures, and an understanding of current difficulties. This will give more scope to point out ways in which the human rights situation can be improved.
  4. Follow strictly the instructions given by Amnesty International in the case in question. For instance if you are asked to appeal for medical treatment for a prisoner, make sure that you request this, and not a speedy trial or release which might be appropriate in another case.
  5. Never use political jargon. Don't give the impression that you are writing because you are ideologically or politically opposed to the government in question. It is far more effective to stress the fact that your concern for human rights is not politically based in any way, but in keeping with basic principles of international law.
  6. It is preferable to give an indication of who and what you are. This indicates that the letter is genuine, and also shows that people from varying walks of life are following events in the country concerned.
  7. If you have any special interest or link with the country, it is a good idea to mention this in your letter. For instance, you may have visited it, studied its history, or been a member of a local association for friendship with it.
  8. Be brief. A simple, one line letter is adequate and is certainly better than no letter at all. A good rule is not to write more than one page (ie one side). Long letters are less likely to be read. Only in exceptional cases are long letters effective.



I would ask that you intervene in the situation of Lordorice Djouontso &
Imelda and ensure that they be be given leave to remain in the UK their Home
Office Reference Number is: D1120269

And then onto, who you are, why this needs remedied etc.

On 5/8/07, _________ wrote:
Also, Where do I send it? The email address at the bottom of your email?

Hi _______,

The details are at the bottom of the website unfortunately, there appear to be problems in transferring it from white text. If you copy and paste your version, of that MS Word doc if you like, send it though web fax at number below and email a copy to NICRAS.

What you can do to Help:
1. Fax Liam Byrne MP, Minister for State for Nationality, Citizenship & Immigration
download the model fax LordoriceML.doc attached, asking that Lordorice Djouontso & Imelda be allowed to remain in the UK. You can copy, amend or write your own version - please quote her Home Office Reference: D1120269

Fax: 0207 035 4745 (from outside the UK + 44 20 7035 4745)
Please copy letters and faxes sent to:
Friends of Lordorice & Imelda C/o NICRAS
Unit 2
129 Ormeau Road Belfast BT7 1SH

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