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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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Trans Furman ?
sp act hero movie
Last night I drew the first six A4 pages of "The Sociology of Health and Illness", revision notes. I'm gonna post it on Tuesday.
Looking forward to meeting my bees in BeeRistol tomorrow.

I havve a request to make. I would very much like to meet Simon Furman or some of the artists working on the classic G1.
(I think I've only met Mike Collins and Will Smith)
So if you see them in the bar at the same time as me, make it happen.
And I promise to behave myself and not do things like this.

Do we have a deal ? Call me

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incredible change-bots

hi andy - hope you have a goob time at bristol - i'm afraid i don't "get" the appeal of the transformers ( i was too old when they came out i zuspect ) - but i thort this gomic by jeffrey brown might appeal to you:

Re: incredible change-bots

...is to Transformers as SuperF**kers is to the LSH?

Re: incredible change-bots

i think so, yes ( - it's not out until july tho )

( - just read the latest superf*ckers - well up to the usual high standard )


Hey Nice Pic bud......!!


Ah ...i just saw the tranformer pic.......so thats the new job u talking bout !!

Ah that would have to be Hitu - Hitu the Business Astute. I half expect to walk past the First Apocalyptic Presbyterian Church to find an old man with a placard that reads, 'The End of The World Is Nigh - This Summer The Transformers Are Coming'

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