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a writer who draws

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Rich Johnson Saved My Jacket ! Thankyou Rich !
sp act hero movie
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“Hi, er, yeah, I'm just on Didcot station where I got off the train and realised my jacket was missing, but luckily I was able to get back on with the help of the guard, and basically met a guy on the train who was [...] the area, and it didn't occur to me at that point but it was Rich Johnson, or looked very like him. Rich, if that was you, thanks very much, I appreciate it - just got a bit of [...] stress going on. Yeah, it was a good festival, I just had a few nice drinks with Matthew Badham in the [...], and Joe Meadows and Dan Goodbrey, and Lee S. Hewitt [?] and William Darsby [?] and yeah, I rushed round the convention [...]. And er, yeah, pretty quiet. Not a lot of toys, a lot of people, [...] stuff.”

Transcribed by: bluedevi

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I would transcribe this for you, but I fear people would see the bits mentioning my stuff in a complimentary fashion and shout "FIX!"

Nice to accidentally punch run into you earlier.

D'oh, wrong voicepost! Maybe I can transcribe this one... *listens*

Gah, sorry, that sucks. More pairs of ears needed!

You punched me ? Ah, I guess I have a thick skin after all !

I enjoyed quite a few minutes imagining I had a secretary/office assistant

"standing in the area"
"exam stress going on" (no more !)
"Joel Meadows, Leon Hewitt, Bridgeen Gillespie"
"rushed around the convention in about an hour"
"Interesting stuff"

LOLS Bridgeen Gillespie is William Darsby ?? lol. I gave her a cameo as a sociologist, complete with her bunny ears. Bunnies !

It is me. I am I. Where are you ? What do you sound like ?

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