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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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U26154 The Sociology of Health and Illness
sp act hero movie

health and illness1
health and illness2
health and illness3
health and illness4
health and illness5
health and illness6
health and illness7
health and illness8

health and illness09
health and illness10
health and illness11

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You should present your final essays like this. You should! Uh, don't do what I say. Don't EVER do what I say.

I got really good marks for doing part of a paper as a comic. Maybe the "part of" bit is important though.

Thankyou Ma'am. Learning from the trendsetters is paying off. I feel really positive about this, yeah. Fun is how studies should be. Re-energises the old productive.

Can you tell me more informations on your paper as a comic ?

the ( seeming? ) spontaneity of yr comix really = quite inspiring - how long approx does it take you to do a page? ( - if you don't mind me asking )

i also really like that yr doctor = doctor doom, obv

Thanks. It usually takes me quite a while to do a comic, and I have to submerge myself of days on end or I'll never hold discipline to finish. This was exception as I tapped into that spontaneous zen flow thing and worked quicker than i usually do. Having a script, purpose and knowledge made this about 45 mins per page.

I dont have very many novelty items at home, he Dr Doom toby jug holds my pens very economically.

What of yourself ? I'm curious. How longa da page of Flimsy ? What is the process ?

i started off abt six hrs a page and got it down to abt four - still ridiculously slow - problem not so much w/the drawings but i usta agonise over every line of dialog & change it over & over & over again ( - as if it made much difference )

currently i'm trying to take my inspiration from the seeming spontaneity of you, ralphie kidson & jeremy d ( - still a brilliant drawer, even if she won't "friend" me back...! )

My early work on Bobs may have looked as spontaneous as Ralphies seems but in fact it took me about four to five hours. Unbelievable ! It seems so shit.

Looking back on it last night though the figures appeared to have more of an iconic feel, not so quiet.

Jeremy D has become very influential on evolving my style since moving to Oxford. Once you learn to relax drawing your comics and become a complete workaholic its so fairly easy to produce good material most of the time.

As for non-friending generally, yeah that pisses me off when people don't talk about it. Perhaps I should join a livejournal group that is for friends who wont friend. I'm sure there are obvious answers, like categorisation by utility, placement for reading, lack-of-perception action/non-action, and the taming of the drawing pin.

slightly getting back into the drawing a little bit recently after five or six yrs off - it's becom really clear that "use it or lose it" = so true; you've ( i mean one has) got to do so many shite drawings before the decent ones start comin' thru

still, i'm pretty much a creature of habit, so if i can get back into the habit... (excuse me, sister bernadette)

"friending" - it was stupid of me to mention it - i've got to grow up (at 42!) & realise that not everyone wants to read a fat idiot talking abt ham sandwiches & columbo

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