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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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Exam Revision Comics Disclaimer
sp act hero movie
I'll take any questions about those comics sometime later as i like food and bed very. Briefly though, I'd gotten so slackbrained about the concept of revision, I thought it would it be scientifically prudent to make revision comics. About six hours per module, mostly in one sitting. These were originally intended for my eyes only but became much more interesting than that. Please do not rely on these as a study aid, although if they make fun learning they've worked beyond what they were meant for.

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Nice to see your comics haven't got any less odd. How ye doin'?

I'm back doing the old Virtual Circle style improvised drawing, only on the web. I'm serialising The Ulster Cycle at http://paddybrown.wordpress.com . Check it out and leave a comment.

Patrick Brown

Hello !
Hey Peeps, this guy helped me getting started. Check out his gears.
I've been watching.
Did you get an email from me recently ?

Re: Comics

Haven't seen any emails from you. You didn't send it to the address I have on Flickr, did you? I don't use that one anymore, and I've been trying to delete it from my Yahoo profile for months, but it still keeps popping up.

Been catching up with your blog. I enjoyed Life on Mars myself - the Camberwick Green sequence was inspired. Don't know why you got so worked up about the last Doctor Who though, I thought it was quite good fun, better than that Daleks in New York two parter, and miles better than that dreadful Shakespeare one ("hey nonny nonny" aside), and Michelle Collins looks surprisingly good in a sweaty vest. Maybe i'm missing something.

I'm using my new webcomic as an excuse to get back in touch with people. Are you still in touch with Dave Morris? The address I have for him is 235 Sturminster Road, Stockwood, Bristol BS14 8EW, but that was a while ago - he hasn't moved or anything, has he? Do you know if he has an email address?


Re: Comics

Best email to use is patrickbrown40@hotmail.com , by the way.


Worked up about Dr. Who ? Me getting worked up about Dr. Who, yeah therein lies a very bad habit. I'm probably best not mention it anymore.

Thats the most recent address I have for David. I didnt see him around the Bristol Expo when I attended last week. I do however have an email addy for him which I'll send you shortly.

Theres a Chris Chibnall Life on Mars coming up on my viewing schedule- series 2, episode 2 i recall. I'll be watching it nonetheless as the performances of the production crew could probably carry it easily.

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