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Press Release

Welfare claimant journalist and artist Andrew Luke is currently looking for three artists and a writer to work with hm in reclaiming popular culture for comon-sense political ends. Below are a list of the exciting vacancies on offer. Andrew is surfing with the success of hs three-comics-published-in-a-day, a very good blog post on punting, and his Sociology Exam Revision Comix. This makes Andrew a very hot property in DC, and you do wish this excellent opportunity !

Tranformers In Iraq - Artist Needed

Three A4 pages at around eight panels a page which could be expanded to four. The artist sought should be happy fun in drawing big pop robots bulky like, in action scenes. A flair for conveying expression is also sought and an ability to imitate 1980s UK G1 is a plus. A script will be provided although the artist will be expected to use the authors thumbnail layouts as a basis for page design. Visual reference on characters will also be provided upon request. The publisher would like the work completed by August 1st to coincide with the new Transformers movie, and the Caption festival.
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey called this an awesome title. The author says ts one of his favourite pieces of work, and when the final page went missing for a year, he refused to attempt a re-write.

Tranformers In Tibet - Co-Writer Needed

A co-writer is sought to provide two to four pages of script, thumbnailed script or both. Building on a four page script with eight a page, the author should be able to turn in the final act of a three act structure. To facilitate with this the co-author will be allowed to re-write the story , inserting and ommitting material as they see fit. A working memory knowledge of the basics of Transformers 1984-1990 is helpful but not a requirement. The writer should have a fair knowledge of the history of Tibet over the last sixty years, incorporating the Free Tibet movement, and previous experience in human rights lobbying or activism s required. Themes so far include community narratives, totalitarian dictatorial regimes, educational activism, the Olympic Games and the Bush-Nazi family social economic connection. The co-writer will be free to incorporate hiis or her own themes and concepts were relevant - but of course. Advice and direction and feedback will be made available. Previous experience working on comics is not required, although will be looked at when selecting a candidate.

Tranformers In Tibet - Artist Needed

Work on this project will not be ready to commence until the remaining half of the script is completed. The artist should receive the script and thumbnails mid-June. Working from referenced thumbnails is optional. The script is expected to be eight pages in length, with a high panel count, so the artist may be free to expand it to twelves pages as s/he wishes. The artist should be

a) Capable of conveying a sense of fun, and having fun drawing very simple shapes. A combination of childlike elegance and grace.
b) Capable of a more detailed realism incorporating in some areas allowance for a text heavy narrative. Lettering may be divided by team members based upon the artist's decision.
The early respondent may request rough drafts of the work-in-progress and liase with the co-writers.

These positions may also be taken up by a single cartoonist.

The A Team
Working title : Guess Whos Coming to Dinner ?
Artist Sought

An artist is sought to commence working from a script by Andrew Luke, with conceptual input from John Robbins (Leaflit, TRS2). The script rocks a happy line between a quality comedy sketch and an atypical A-Team episode with a style comparable to the works of Dan Clowes and Garth Ennis. (Does not include a car chase)
Presently, the script lies in a state of conversion between an animated feature and a tradtional comic, and is without panel and page formatting. it is expected to run to between eight and fifteen pages, although two of these pages have already been completed. To allow the artist to work without the boundaries of such adherences, this formatting will not be written in unless requested by the artist.

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