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sp act hero movie
Breaking from Life on Mars viewing at the computer labs. A giggling fit ensued when Gene Hunt decided going undercover as a pub barman is a good idea.

Started reading again following the exams. Lost In The Funhouse - The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman by Bill Zehme.
Kaufman was a genius, gorgeously funny and wise, and a complete asshole. Zehme's book is full of the anecdotes I sought to read, but he could have perhaps done 400-200 pages.

Weapons of Mass Deception : The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber
A light page count with a lot of essential information that I already know but here it is in one little bundle. Hopefully, i'll be able to retain it this time, enough to discuss it certainly. The third chapter in particular, True Lies, is absolutely thorough and grossly well written.


I've only been to a football match the once. About 1986. I think I might like to go again.

Tonights lesson from Life on Mars, is if I stop doing all the things I used to do with those people who were taken from me, I'll lose them all over again. Which means I need to make a list.

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ooo - i might look out for that andy kaufman book - i like his tony clifton character best

still yet to see any of life on mars - got the 1st series recorded - but i'm a bit put off by everyone liking it so much

The Kaufman by Zehme is yours if you like it. Nowhere near as brilliant as the beautiful movie about Kaufman of course, certainly a fuller picture and it led in nicely in theme to the book about media spin.

that's v.kind of you - i will check tho if i can get it from the library first to avoid the guilt - i had to revise my opinion of jim carrey when i saw that flim ( up til then bloody rubbish gurning freak ) - he's v.goob in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind too

I have similar misgivings about Carrey. The Truman Show rates very well, and styles in theme with a study on Kaufman.

Uncle Andy's old friend Mr C.


Re: Uncle Andy's old friend Mr C.

Ha. Postmodern marvels. That fella reminds me of someone we've seen before. Who would that be ?

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