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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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I've dusted my own directions, and polished the rules of change.
sp act hero movie
Yes, last night I could not sleep because I accidentally stumbled accross an absolutely genius idea that solves about four of my problems at once and if love will have it, a buch of other peoples problems as well. Four hundred or thousand maybe, maybe more.

So heres clue in the assembly

Leave the week before Caption free, if you wanna do some comics and activism combo work with me. Get any Caption-intended presentations of your own ready by 6th August. Its gonna be a blast !
jenbee i'll be in contact, gonna likes your input on this one !

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(Deleted comment)
I need an updated email addy from you !

I'm andyluke at livejournal dot com.

Never mind. I had it after all.
I should be climbing into your inbox shortly.

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