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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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Voice Post
sp act hero movie
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“Hello. LiveJournal People who are of ___. I am, yes, I am at work today & I ask a little a girl who I like & she said yes, that would be possible. I've phone you because I expected maybe some of your ___ I work with so therefore dropped ___ of the rules about giving people who I work with but I', just telling you now so that no, I don't think it's any of your business but those of you, who think it's cool & then it is your business then that's cool. I should do a merely party so I will be pirating this neither bring like friends only feed, so who people do have a problem with this won't be able to get access to it.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post

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Auto transcribed voice posts are hilarious!

I'm tittering my tits around with the funny NESS of it.

Hey I'll be over Belfast...well Bangor actually, late July. We should hook up. I have more comics activism ideas and if you could handle another....dot dot dot

it must be poetry, man. How exactkly do you 'say' an ampersand? And anyway you should definitely do a merely party and pirate the neithers of the friends like.

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