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My goodness I have a copy writer

and shes even writing like me in my head - Next Tuesday, Comics and Activism in Oxford meet. From their website,

Tuesday 12th June 2007 - 7:00pm-8:30pm - Main space
Contact: Andrew Luke

Theres nothing more cunning than a cunning plan, and oh is this a plan. Whats better than activism? Reading! (OK which one of you said sex? I heard you). Ahem, where were we? Whats a really cool format to read stuff in: graphic novels! Sooo, why not combine the two? This meeting is part of a summer activism project that an artist and writer wants to get off the ground ASAP. It takes its cue from those mass pre-printed lobbying cards that often show up on stands at events like Shared Planet. The idea is to maybe do a bunch of them in a booklet introduced by a page/page and a half each in comic book form Artists, co-editors, activists and geeks come one, come all!
(event confirmed)

And this is as good a post as any to mention this,

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