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Its called "Read by......"
sp act hero movie
please uk-ish, link to this post. I want people who i don't know to read it and get involved with it, as well as the people that i do know.

'Read by 14 Aug 07' takes its cue from those mass pre-printed lobbying cards that often show up on stands at events like Shared Planet. I thought, why not do a bunch of them in a booklet introduced by a page/page and a half each in comic book form ?

The title date owes to its presentation on sale at Caption, the low-fi comics festival, and the final day of the festival.

Initially this is planned as a 28 page black and white comic to keep costs down. Comics will be printed on card, cost £1 each.

Visualised as 28 pages of 8 comic strips devoted entirely to lobbying and activism.. Each cartoonist will be given 2 & 1/2 pages to devote to their areas of interest.
- 1 & ½ page of comic strip outlining why someone should take this action
- Double-sided ½ page of postcard

The postcard section is designed at the discretion of the artist. A sample letter pre-written, blank space for viewer interface or a mixture of the two. In design, serrated edges or a simple cut-along-line will be, so as to encourage the reader to make use of the resources/cut up the book.

(heres a hurriedly rushed together sample 2xA5 I put together using one of Ryan Scott's comics and one of my postcards.)

Alternate formats include copies with pre-stuck 8 x 1st class stamps, 8 x 2nd class stamps and the inclusion of any Air mail stickers. Also packs of stamps, stickers and highest quality activist material available at POS.

I shall look into environmentally sound production method of recycled card or heavy stock paper.

Ideas for discussion as I'm not as crystal about them

A second and third edition on the same date (Maybe a fourth and fifth following on from good response at Caption ?)
The 7 Day Comic - (ie. original plan was to create the comics only within the 7 days before publication to keep the facts fresh)
Oxford Jam and Comics Workshop (would need student interest and extra tutors)
Online orders available through Paypal (for those not at Caption, and to shift overstock. Pre-orders to help fund)

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bluddy goob luck w/it - tho surely prestamped gopies would be prohibitive in terms of costs?

anyway, put me down for a order & LMK how much to send you ( i can do paypal if it's more gonvenient than gash, cheque or stamps )

Yeah. An alternate idea aimed at hardcore lobbyists, perhaps foolish seeing the form and going with it !

Activist Andy,have you heard about this?


Re: Activist Andy,have you heard about this?

No, I'd not. It seems fantastic. And in cinemas now !

None of the cinemas in Northern Ireland appear to be carrying it from a brief scan. Something really needs to be done about the interbreeding mindset of corpmanagerial types there.

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