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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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for those of you still some confused
I'm Batman
1. pick an area you're interested in, and some actions.

2. draw one and a half pages of comix putting the point across.

3. Add a layout for a double sided postcard whatever you choose : illustrated, blank, filled-for-signature, partially written, blank

4. send me stuff. andyluke @ livejournal.com

Its yours now, public. I'm going for some tea.

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Okay, I guess what I was trying to ask is - if I draw 1.5 pages of comix how do you expect it to fit on a postcard? Or do you want 1.5 pages of post-card sized comix?

so, probably closer to the latter.

Comic (1.5 in length), leads into postcard.
Postcard equals .5 of a page
(though on both sides, which really makes it 1.0)

Total contribution 2.5

Re: so, probably closer to the latter.


And - any environmental topic, any style of comic?

Re: so, probably closer to the latter.

Thats right. The more universal the concern the better.

Where it may not be the best campaign to lobby the US ambassador to have him concede that 9/11 was an inside job, it may be acceptable to press the government to start an enquiry into the events of 7/7.

Though those examples are as hard edged as it gets. Theres plenty of universal causes. The majority of people want an end to the four horsemen of the apocalyspe. So if thats campaigning for the freedom of Tibet, or re-opening the SFO enquiry into the Al Yamamah arms exchange program.

Re: so, probably closer to the latter.

Oops. Its up to 4pgs inclusive now, which is more wieldy. You're not based in the UK though are you ?

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