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Finally gotten around to preparing another graphic so people get what I'm on about.

I've also made a list of groups I want to email over the next couple of days and find out if they could circulate it around some of their members, and make enquiries into the possibilities for funding.

I'm way too knackered to do all of these myself so if you know people in these groups well, or want to run with a message, this one for example,
( )
it woulds be help.
Throw in a link to this subject matter, rather than my livejournal. Thats this one

Tell me in the comments !

  • New Internationalist (emailed website contact)
  • People and Planet (emailed contact Charlie)
  • Schnews (emailed website contact)
  • CAAT (emailed website contact)
  • Amnesty International ((emailed website contact)
  • Paper Tiger Comix (emailed Sean Duffield)
  • Lobbying, activist groups on Facebook ?
  • Twitter  (?)
  • Friends of the Earth (Forum'd):)
  • Oxfam (emailed)
  • Stop The War coalition (emailed)
  • CND (Emailed Campaign, Press and Enquiries)
  • Propaganda Matrix (Emailed Mr. Watson)
  • Indymedia (Bless em !)

Also discovered I might want to get hold of Tanya Tier and Lou McKeever
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