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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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No 7 day restriction on 'Read By / Best Before End'
Bashful A ?
Restricting work completion so close to print deadline is a lofty idea with accurate intent, but practically doomed. I guess what I'm saying is, Open for submissions.

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Продаю сертификаты Вебмани.

Продаю персональный сертификат WebMoney за $99.

Можете проверить: WMID 322973398779 Redfern

Всё чисто, не одной жалоб. Сделан на утерянные документы. Всё законно.
Если нужно, то есть сертификаты ещё.
Стучацо в личную почту на Вебмани.

Это не спам. Не пишите на мой WMID жалобы в арбитраж Вебмани.

Re: Продаю сертификаты Вебмани.

I don't know of your arbitration of complaint of WMID. If you're selling the certificates isn't it likely you that are having a problem ? I think that you need to look at what you are doing and ask yourself is it right ? Or rather, thats the problem that comes across)

I know very little about the Atlantic Radio station, vebmani or the cewrtificates that you appear to be discussing. do you mean webmoney ? I don't need a certificate to produce a comic book that is efficient. However if you know of something that you think others would benefit from then perhaps you should contribute. You obviously seem to know a lot of things that others dont.

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