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I am not a music snob # 1

I really need to let off some steam today. I discovered this by spending the last few hours trying to construct an audio post were i LET LOOSE all manner of vitriol.

I finally snapped while listening to Shola Ama's 'You Might Need Somebody', the intended hook advertisement for pornography set to music. At this point I decided to spare you all from listening to this with my growling 'fucking........', and 'climbing the wall of despair'. You'll not hear my guttural sub-ape noises or use of the word 'fucking', or 'gaaaaah', or any pronounced one-word quotations from the good book. I'm keeping it all inside. So not by my hand will you be enduring the standard of the broadcasters of this piece of bottom brownie - not cheese sellers, but sleazy Asda vegetable oil parasitical retarders and eroders of all that is good and loving. Maybe Alex Jones puts down his book on Dyncorp and listens to this before he prepares to scream in tears on his weekly TV show.

When I googled for the track I came accross this
"you might need somebody lyrics by shola ama are the property of shola ama"
Yes, oddly enough I was going to claim that I recorded this song as part of my cunning plan to steal the diamonds and attend the fancy ball at the Marquis of Shrewsbury's manse. And I KNOW several of you had this idea in mind also when you heard this.

This track is very hard to find on the usual p2p places, especially for one that still gets so much airplay round the parts I move. Its tempting to sume that shes had it taken down, because she feels bad for all the children's dreams she has destroyed..
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