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I am not a music snob # 2

DJ CEO has been a spiky rod in my chest for far too long. Lately, its slipping into the fine cracks of works alledged radio playlist. It were quite sweet to begin with. R.E.M 'Man on the Moon' when I went to be interviewed. Some Bob Dylan, some Manics, R.E.M again today easing my growl head with a Christmas 'Daysleeper'. I'm beginning to snap under the pressure of the Theme From S Express.

I heard it when I was a teenager. "I've got the hots for you do-do-do-do'. I heard, 'Its Dr. Huxtable for you'.

I worked in a kwik-mart gaff were it was on the playlist too. I checked with the lyrics but I can find no mention of the pointily delivered 'PEAT BRIQUETTES !'
The world won't listen and my hearing is defective.
Tags: bill cosby, i am not a music snob, theme from s express, work radio

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