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a writer who draws

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I am not a music snob # 4
Do it this way
Phil Collins.

Two words that are emblematic of, well, i want to try and maintain certain standards..

DJ CEO is sure he wants it to rain Phil Collins like a clogged bit sink wherever....

Wherever he can cart that apes ego-centric world-view of oh-isn't-it-terribly-awful, we-don't-exist-in-the-same-world-as-them, not-even-soon-to-be-omniscient-phil,

FILL, who has spawned so many fleas on sound. Dancing away to the quaintness of how set aside we are from the homeless people. Oh oo, don't come near us. We don't want to see you. We just want to dance to the thought of you being there,

Cartoonist Tim Brown described him as a man "who has the personality of a vampire tea-bag"

I explained to Ken in academic terms why I have such a problem with "the bald monkey-faced twat"
(Brown, T. (2000) Part-Time Lights)

I don't need to explain this to you.

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Great drummer though.

I've been told I look much like Philip Gleinster which ought to be good for a walk-on in a photo comic.

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