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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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Can we have calm balance soon please ? and no ugliness thankyou
sp act hero movie
I just saw a flash of light followed by thunder, quite possibly something coming down or some seriously scorched earth.

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it thundered here, too.

for like one minute.


We had really freakish weather. Sun, rain, sun, torrents, sun, sunshower, thunder and lightning, sun, followed by hail.

Well, i see no snowmen outside today but cant be sure.

If there are people in Britain who don't see this as evidence of climate change problems....its a open and shut case now.

we have had rain and thunderstorms for about a week now.

not very much sun, though.


aww, tomorrow you won't be on c.f. ;[

Yikes, I'm not sure whether my home net access ends tonight or tomorrow night. I've a lot to do so I'll check in to Canda-Vision if I get the chance.

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