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Update, and alternate suggestions for submissions
Body Of Activism
Well, things are still crawling along at a much slower pace than I would have liked for the comix activism project. I can't really see a big release at Climate Camp, although maybe we could manage a small print run with something bigger for the December Shared Planet event.

Following the balls-up I made regarding the format, I thought it would be cool to re-print this email I got from one of the contributors so you can get an idea of were the projects going, and just how flexible the question of format really is.

"Alternative to submissions of four pages in length, you could ask for submissions of a one page strip and a double-sided postcard – that way a one page strip could precede a double-sided page of two postcards, and then another one page strip could follow. And the process begins again. (i.e. page 1: your introduction; page 2 (back of intro): submitter A's strip; page 3 (facing): submitter A's postcard top, the back of submitter B's postcard bottom; page 4: the back of submitter A's postcard top, the front of submitter B's postcard bottom; page 5 (facing): submitter B's strip; page 6: submitter C's strip; page 7 (facing): submitter C's postcard top, the back of submitter D's postcard bottom etc.)


Anyway, I've a one-page strip ready, and a second one-pager in the works. Dunno if you'll be able to use either – they're not exactly what you're looking for – but they might come in handy as page-fillers should the layout of your publication become difficult. I'll do a couple of postcards as well (which would bring my submission to the four-page mark, and fit the layout outlined earlier), but I'll do them as gag cartoons so that you'll be able to use them as half-page fillers too instead of postcards.


Fuck it, it'll all come together in the end! It's a worthwhile project, Andy, to be sure. You should still be excited by it. I hope you are."

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hullo...just happened across some very potent weed completely just by chance. luck reserves are probably at an all time low now. but the one good thing is i'm in a doodling mood and am proceeding on a two page strip.

was that email sent by j.robbins perchance. if so --- john --- i've just started an lj log: http://danny-pongo.livejournal.com

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