Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

you know how i have this tendency to go on a bit...

stevegreen  asks me,

"Badger abuse? Is that legal?

By the way, how are things in Oxford? Still dry?"

andyluke  replies,

I'm fairly sure its not. I was raised in an environment were badgers were discriminated against in a sectarian manner. And now I come to the interwebs to find out people are flaunting their badgers, by claiming a groinal relation. Its just wrong !

(I'm really very upset about this)

Word is that parts of Oxford are still flooded. The city centre has high rivers but the last two days have been fairly dry.
EDIT: IExcluding a proportion of my friends list who seem to be in danger of becoming part man-part island - Yikes. I hope the rain gathers up to form a Godzilla sized cloud above several key Neocon mansions mouths.

The local radio station put out a 'war on terror' style bulletin on Saturday, "rainfall to equal more today than the rest of July put together". Total Defcon One style.
Motorways ---->  rivers

Of course the local station then followed this story with the news that everyone in the cash for honours scandal had got off scot free. Complete with a 'reporter' who cheerfully asked, "Are you glad that no charges have been brought against you ?" with a go-team-go-team enthusiasm.

I would have asked him if he was glad to be a free man in a world were people knowing what he'd done would be interested in wrapping barbed wire around his gonads at any given moment and how does that make him feel ?"

I would have said it in a very cheery voice.
Heres R.E.M guesting on The Simpsons
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