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Around the Lough, and up and down the Gold Coast

Coming up to the halfway in my trip back to Ulster. Visited Gran Eileen in the nursing home, and shes been looking great, with the colour in her face and a serenity I'd not seen since she went on breathing apparatus a few years ago. Sometime LJ userpic star Charliedog I feared I'd find by deaths door too having recently learned he'd suffered a mini-stroke and probably has a inoperable brain tumour. According to Dad, he'd gone from being a 9 yr old pup, more hyperactive than Ralph Wiggum chasing his imaginary friend, to a 9 yr old old dog. My being here seems to have reversed all that and hes almost as lively as ever. The change for the better has surprised everyone.

Met with a bunch of friends at Laverys last night, were my brother and Dynamo played an awesome set dedicating that rendition of 'Home' to me. They also played 'Omega' and 'Wing It', my three favourites. Money well spent. I got a very nice dinner invite for Saturday from Adam, his partner, and danny_pongo, I danced a while, I got drunk, and tried to hone my flirting skills. (Though the girl I flirted with fell and cut her knee, very ominous  Yike !)

Today I visited my Gran Anna in Portstewart and was treated to a full tour of my young cousins toybox in a session that would undoubtedly make a few folk on my f-list somewhat jealous. He insisted the whole thing was well documented, so there may just be a Toybox Flickr set at some point !

The long drive was also something of a long-overdue bonding session between my dad and I, discussing mostly Bluetooth, Infrared and memory card readers, while without guilt taking in the best of the greed that Burger King had to offer !

Misses me Oxford pals inevitably, though Lisa has been texting me some. Hope its drying  and staying dry for yis over there !
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