Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Image linked to the Amnesty International campaign that spawned it.

It occurred to me today that theres no reason this comix activism project needs to ask for postcards. Cartoonists could well include complete comix which would then be posted to power f*ckers. I often lobby in postcard form as the postage is much cheaper and the raw materials are often nearer to hand. This card for example is from an A6 glossy recycled pad - I cut a page in two. Bung a stamp on it tomorrow, bobs your uncle !

Oh Ok, a wee bit about Caption. I went with a comics type to go look at OARC upstairs in the community centre. Were they have that great library, and are setting up  Vision on TV. Heres Hamish Campbell's blog were he writes more about television and the internet. Hamish enjoyed what he saw of Caption very much. I've ripped a few images out of my comics so I think I'll go and send him some. Expect to see it up on my esnips folder in the days ahead. For shareware activism use. Or drop me a line.

PS : I'm so thick I can't find a group email addy for OARC, Schnews or Hamish. So I've uploaded the images here at
Tags: activism, best before end, comix, daily democracy, not a caption report, read by, shareware comics

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