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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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place mamounia
sp act hero movie


Yes, I'm finding what Alison Bechdel is doing in Fun Home absolutely extraordinary. Theres so much in each panel of that book, its like standing between six well placed radios and being able to pay attention to each of them.

I'm too tired to tag this my dear friend Ben. Can't someone else do it for me ? I should have trained ginions happy to do my work until the day when they break out of the eggs and start getting paid to do my work for me.

P.S Leave more room for the stamps than I have left.

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I loved Fun Home as well. It can have such a wide readership as well: LBG communities, English majors (for all the book references), graphic novel readers, and more. I have suggested it and let a few of my friends borrow it. Maybe it is time I take it off the shelf once more and let another person have a go at it....

*writes down address*


hahahah, kidding.

hi, hun! how have you been?

'Just kidding' ?

Oh ok.

I am missing folk.

heheh.i don't write down addresses unless i'm told to. hahah.

me, too.



which one? there's two...


My father calls this kind of behaviour 'Rabat-ing'. You better be.

what does "rabat-ing" mean?

He says to me 'would you stop rabat-ing on'. I think he means talking too much. He knows his stuff.

lol, i don't talk to much.... do i?

hun.. how do you add videos to a blog?

Each site has their own specifications. With YouTube its probably going to be a code about four or five lines long under 'embed video'

'Embed video' when LJ post is in rich text, and the full code just pasted in when LJ post update is in HTML tab highlighted.

Though the site thats hosting the video is probably your best place to find out about this. Which one is it ?

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