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sp act hero movie
So next time someone says to me 'Well are you going to Climate Camp ?', I shall not make excuses about needing to work and not having any money, I shall say 'Yes', or tie myself to them.

Video: Building the climate camp via The Guardian syndicated feed
(featuring Hamish and Charlie, who some of you may have seen around at Caption this year)

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I'd have went myself if I didn't live so far away. Their direct action looked a bit shit in the end though.

You mean the temporary blocking of one of the board of directors ? We're a lot softer on these bastards than they were back in the seventies.
On the other hand, more ground was gained in the media battle. Climate Camp is an ongoing 'camp', and last years had no direct action demo aspect it. I suppose theres symbolism about sustainability and sustainable events. I prefer a good old fashioned Last Day of the Circle of the Black Thorn meself.

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