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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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Needs Help w/studies
Cleaning with Jack Kirby
So yeah my pitch for Combined Studies is due in on the 31st, but I've only got tomorrow for writing it. Will be going to see the CS dept.
I could do with some input peeps.

Has Gots

Art and Its Institutions
Educational Theory in Innovation and Practice
Culture and Digital Gaming
Education and Human Development
Sociology : Transformations
Communication in Groups
Understanding The Developing Child
The Social Organisation of Learning
Understanding Society: Differences and Divisions
Social Policy and the State
The Social World of Childhood

Will Got

Realities in Film, Docs and TV
Understanding Media
Broadcast News
Humanities in Education
Media and Critical Theory
Art and Communication
From Script to Screen - Authorship and Creative Writing
Understanding Manga

Course title (1)
Aims of my course (3)

University Blogroll
"A collected media playlist representative of the student body and its principles, seperate from market ideals and re-makes, were education is its own reward !"
I want to share the datas
like the way Facebook opens up comms, that is interesting
But mostly I want Optimus Prime, Coping Strategies and ACTIVISM !

Education runs right through these all

What the kfuc am I doin ?

if you are supposed to be on a date right now or preparing for one, could you go away plz thnx

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You want a title for that lot? 'Hello viewer' is not bad. Or

Big-eyed characters say hello to Sociology's many tentacles


Drawing lines: delineating the semiotics and sociology of the mass-market media: towards the critical allspark, an analytical framework

Youre a piece of brilliant, do you know that ?

Broadcast News : Its the critical allspark man !

I have cut out and pasted that into my scrapbook of aprobation. (seriously)

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