Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

All the materials are in place and ready to be marked out is the sculpture thats my combined studies proposal. The CS chair told me she isnt supposed to have an opinion but my proposal as fantastic, brilliant, really interesting. Shes very helpful, psychic, wonderful eyesight.

Its a major-minor with Education coming in as the minor. Its probably going to be titled 'Media and Society', with the swank outsider challenging, thats 'Functional Semiotics'. The module programme was made in my image - slim enough at the sides and kinda tubby around the middle, though the CS chair helped me give it a work out.

The course aims are three, the first,

1. To delineate the semiotics and sociology of the mass market media.
and containing elements of
2. To analyse and develop an integrated framework for analytical and student multimedia.
3. To develop the knowledge and skills to underpin a career in entertaining education.

Aims 1 & 2 will probably change as I'm throwing in some modules on Globalisation and Politics. I'm indebted to the wonderful jackfirecat for his clever thinking and crucial phrases which he pinged over to my senses.

Time off - I've been watching a lot of Malcolm In The Middle lately.

EDIT : I am trying to go batshit insane too. I've included Jackfirecat's full final comment in my proposal. Heres to J. and luck, and testify !

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