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a writer who draws

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Dear Amnesty International Website,
sp act hero movie
Much as I welcome your attempts to propel the campaign to shut down Guantanamo Bay , I find Guantanamo : The Flash Game much too unpalatable for even my edutainment senses. I only wish your 'Act Now' page could benefit from the same updating as the Urgent Action page.
Andrew Luke
(Author of Jeremy Kyle Vs The Neocons)

p.s. did not send

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Interesting. Have you seen Inside Man?

Dear Andyluke,

I'm sure the "campaign" could be persuaded to lend you and anyone else of the same inclination the terrorists who are located there for your "edutainment sense"....of course, if you can provide sufficient guarantees trained murderers will not continue to kill civilians and/or our soldiers.

Your whinings are less than whispers of sweet nothings.

How many members of DynCorp imprisoned in Guantanamo ?

You KNOW what I'm talking about white man.

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