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a writer who draws

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Captain Planet Saves Belfast
sp act hero movie


did you guys know about this ?
I found this via (Shoehorn), welcome to the interwebs ya big eejit.

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haha! totally forgot about this. remembered seeing it when i was a youngster. also brought backmemories of the cap's episode dealing with overpopulation. his lesson at episode's end made very not-so-subtle endorsements of contraception. oh that cap'n planet was a character. john lennon had nothing on him. sorry havnt been in touch. flats being renovated and i'm up to my eyes in concrete and masonary

You didnt to go to the Parades Commission for to have them appearing in your living room ?

best. irish. accents. ever.

i'm still waiting in the captain planet where he deals with cambodia.

The complete list of global troublespots can be found here for those of you on the tour of no duty.

Did you ever see the issue of Web of Spider-Man set in Belfast ?

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