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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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LukeWarm - From the cutting room floor
sp act hero movie
Some out-takes from my last comic.

I've not been following Alex Jones lately. Instead exploring round the patches of Leary and McLuhan. Jones is just becomes too 'hot' in the McLuhan sense. However, hes a too-easily dismissed, and  I'll definitely be checking out his new movie 'End Game' when it airs in the next few weeks.

I'm up to the last chapter on Book Two of ABC Comics Promethea, which is 'Metaphore', when each page of the comic deals with a card from the major arcana. J.H Williams III and the other artists on the book do a fantabulous splendour. Everything you've ever heard about this book is absolutely true.

My Caption photos are now up on Flickr, and everything is Creative Commons. I'm told a photo I took of Gilbert Sheldon will be going over on Wikipedia. And my mid-morning tutor meet reveals I can now have a module from December 2006 properly marked. One less for the burden !

And I've been looking at photos of you.

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hah! - great drawrins - i note that yr lettering looks like mine ( - or my lettering looks like yours! )

( i can spell "weird" tho )

My defense is that Mooresy would speak it as 'wierd' being as its closer to 'wyrd'. I just came up with that explanation.

I don't really tend to think about my lettering for a large part of the time. I just signage it in automatic. I do pack it in a bit less than yourself but its probable the similarities have something to do with the use of a lot of words.

BTW, I were hoping you'd be at Caption this year. Why no ?

" BTW, I were hoping you'd be at Caption this year. Why no ? "

- thass nice of you - i really seem to have got out of the habit of going to gomic gonventions - i think they = "the young people's music" - also i don't really have the stamina for all the late nite drinking & debauchery like i used to

i might change my mind again sometime tho - & obv it'd be goob to meet up sometime

But the late night drinking and debauchery is the bes...
(sniffs* have had no debaucheries

Maybe there will be debauchery at Birmingham next month.

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