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a writer who draws

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sp act hero movie
Been going through LJ and it feels like I've been away for weeks. Ken took me on the grand theory that I am a woman-magnet with no ability to recognise signals then metamorphosised into Morrissey. Had a very nice meal with he and Lucy earlier, they're both leaving work soon. Ones recently left, anothers going soon and 2 f/timers are going p/t. Its delusion is an eruption into some spontaneous anti-capitalist revolution and I feel left out.

I bought a new computer last night and my room suddenly feels a lot smaller.

Had a fantastic time seeing hitsb and Gaurav last week. Fantastic. Great to see Cameron, Arsalan and Hassan again too. It felt just like old times, twere not bad. Attending their Graduation ceremony were a real happy day. H. gave passes to yself ad Vivi, which was nice as I'd been a bit suspicious of Vivi, and she turned out to be a top charmer. Also, a huge comicbook geek, which led to some really fun shouting matches about writing talent in Americomics and Manga.

hitsb drop me a line later in the week and we'll get that thing organised.

This is a wee pic I drew (c.2001) from a photo of me and Richard Barr. I'm fairly sure John Robbins did the inking.