Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Cartoonists Operate (Oxford)

Work was unenjoyable today, nothing surprising about that. Moving on, went to The Jam Factory Oxford were I drank some very nice Irish coffee. Its very lovely, heres the website link

Its open 10am-11 pm and may be classy.

I fell asleep long enough for to cool before settling into reader mode on reader sofa. I followed Adam Murphy to another room in while, his exhibition is small receipt sized sketch notes, four hundred, with some cartoony wee portraiture, and bigger pieces. Vee Nice. I broke away from them at discussion of Osama Teszuka (need spelling ref) Adam is chatting to Jocelyn who has attended that comics festival which is the benchmark for all UK comics festivals to aim which is called Caption. I drank pomegranate, and the barman 'Rock' insisted we all are chocolate. We talked about the Comics Brittania season, Quino, Franquin with his inventor comics, and Philemon. Also Tuesdays, and the 'Wasted Epiphanies' gig at The Port Mahon on Friday  Saturday night at 9am which seems very +interesting : "a gig with comics" - yay ! Jocelyn explained to us the links between spreadsheets, cybernetics, homeostasis and the property market. I left, for fear I would follow him round shuffling bum cross-legged like attentive disciple.

Anyway Oxford, get down to The Jam Factory and see Adam's work before the exhibition ends on Thursday.
And Port Mahon for Dierdre Ruane's 'Wasted Epiphanies' set before 9 on Friday Saturday.

Actually, I'd love to go to The Jam Factory on Tuesday with the Tuesday crowd. Might be a bit difficult to organise on short notice though.

EDIT : Should have been 'the barman 'Rock' insisted we all eat chocolate, which were minty.

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