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a writer who draws

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"Zombies - The communist product of tampering with forbidden science and opposing democracy"
sp act hero movie
The Archive offers up advice on 'What To Do In A Zombie Attack', great fun archive mashup.

In the same spirit as these Bobby Conn shorts, 'Our National Funk' and 'Satanic Forces'.

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Scratch a libertarian, find a Nazi

Turns out hipster favorite Ron Paul believes in the “North American Union” theory being pimped by such eminent fascists as Lou Dobbs and Alex Jones (short version, George Bush is s3cr3t1y a dirty Mexican socialist OMG!). And he wants to abolish the federal reserve (that’ll teach those Jewish bankers)! No word yet on his position on degenerate art or his policy towards the Slavs.



Re: Scratch a libertarian, find a Nazi

Alex Jones is a fascist ? Well this only really goes about as far as...Alex Jones isn't a fascist. WTF are you talking about ? If you have any serious points regarding Jones credibility as a power-controller of the masses, you ought to explain yourself. In pre-internet times we used to call this sort of statement 'shit-stirring'.

Ron Paul has one or two distasteful beliefs, but by and large hes one of the few candidates in the American presidency to show any moral courage.

Alex Jones style of broadcasting is a brightly acute and academically aware mirror to common worthless tv tabloid sensationalism, all of which it has in common is a similar language of sensationalism. Has this anything to do with why you commented on a post about voice-overs with a paragraph direct from http://blog.voyou.org/ ? Could you not perhaps talk straight and then include a link.?

(I found this out btw of "s3cr3t1y" which according to Google means nothing except appearing on Voyou. I've spent tonight talking about Darfur and Burma and I don't have the patience for cheap advertising space from maybe conspiracy theorists.)

Heres the clue on internet nettiquette : some people find non-relevant commenting by an anonymous person something of an incitement to insult. I'm one of those people. Do have the decency to make up a name for the identity your message presents.

I can't currently watch youtube, Voyou Blog has a lovely design. I'll check it out, as I do.

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