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I’ve been pushing a trolley filled with 1/8 of a palette around a factory shop today. There are six of these palettes in the warehouse and on my shift today I got to stock them out by myself, again. I get to thinking of ‘Buy Nothing Day’  and how it maybe didn’t just slow down consumerism for consumers a teensy bit, it also helped over-worked and under-staffed employees. Since I started that job we’ve been understaffed, and the boss wouldn’t take on any more workers. Now that ‘summer job season and ‘holiday blackout season’ have ended, the shop is being run by three to four staff members. Warehouse Shop. Unlike ‘The Half Price Sale’ subversion as favoured by those expecting revolution here now, and the incestuous little brains that think, all employees want to sell, ‘Buy Nothing Day’ is when successful a nice wee trip for employees too. Of course the abusive customers who lack any sense of empathy, of which our store has many, wouldn’t participate but I have an idea. Call it an awareness-heightener. Consumer Supported Preventive Strike Day (CSPSD ‘cees-pees-dee’ ) Simply, consumers make a concerted effort to avoid certain stores on certain week. Of course theres gonna need to be an outlet for workers to declare they can’t manage because of poor staff resources and heavy customer demands through an anonymous shout-out. And that’s gonna need to be verified so that we’re not just attracting a bunch of anti-capitalists or people with scores to settle who are very lazy (pwss-wavls). At times like this were demand exceeds human supply ability at point of sale, there needs to be some slow down for a workforce infested with fatigue and mental health problems.

Theres an idea. You can have that, and grow it like a beautiful tall redwood.

I’m taking a full-time degree, two part-time jobs and two very time-consuming life activities (I refuse to call them hobbies.) Somethings got to give, or I’m just going to get sicker. So I’m taking an extended leave from blogging here at my Livejournal. Ideally this will mean I’ll be popping up in other peoples webspaces more often. Spreading my announcements on Indymedia, Bugpowder, other LJs and parts of the web I want to see more of.

If I do any new comics I’ll post a link here. I already intend to do 24hr comics day, and Oxford Brookes anthology, some more political stuff and I’m working hard on a very personal graphic novelette called ‘Don’t get lost’ that’s unlike anything I’ve done before. I still intend to make the ‘Read By’ postcard and comix project work. Comics journalism is for the most part on sabbatical too. Exceptions requested and accompanied by incentives in the form of hard cash, book tokens. Alternatively, I’ll write columns about comics and comics events if I get to fill them full of political head-bashing and throwing herbal bath bottles at people. (Mass publicity is also juicy carrot)
oh ok Brookes Forum. Otherwise look for updates on my livejournal profile.

I need to focus myself politically, I havent as many peers in writing the sort of article published by Indymedia and many of the political points made on this journal by anonymice, and most of those people come across like total pricks.

This year I’ll be at the Birmingham Comics Expo, Shared Planet, Midwinter Comics Retreat. My next entry may be here Christmas. "Bye for now"

- Andrew Luke, Not Quite as funny as a vlogger leaving youtube for youkay, making it the subject of a too-serious video and being ripped apart mercilessly for it by the hordes.

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