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sp act hero movie
My grandmother Eileen Lucas passed away last night in her sleep quietly, months past her 76 years. She lived her life as if it were a party and taught me to do the same.


I'll miss you lady. You put Heaven to shame and I'll bet you're kicking the devils ass at gin rummy.

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Sorry for your loss, Andy. I'm glad you have good memories of your grandmother.

Sorry Andy - all the best.

"She lived her life as if it were a party and taught me to do the same." - that's just about the BEST thing you could say abt anyone - deepest sympathies

Sorry for your trouble; she sounds such a great lady.(And looks just like my Nana Cass!) Hope she's enjoying the Beyond.

Sounds like she was a great lady to have in your life. Sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry to hear that. It's good you have good memories of her.

sorry for your loss mate. give us a ring if you want a chat
Billy f

Thanks. I'm adjusting to it fairly well. Thinking maybe I should be more upset. I guess I just knew it was coming for so long. Keeping busy.

Billy, I'll give you a call in about a weeks time. Would be lovely to hear your voice again. Now, go and draw some comic books before I remember to ask John McCrea about what went down last time yis met !

i'm sorry to hear that andy. my condolences.

Cheers mate. I know you'll dedicate a drink to her !

haha - you know me too well. just mixing the sugar & lime into a hot whiskey before bed. so here's to eileen.

You have my sympathy. My thoughts are with you.

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