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sp act hero movie
Oddly enough I've been masquerading as someone else called andrew this week through erroneous use of livetwitter. having a shitty appalling day. oxford is awash with the worst kind of rain, stupidrain. i can't make any progress on my assignments or my comics or my campaigning and still the comedy keeps cracking. heck i cant even watch tv. most useless agonising day off ever.

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share your rain blues, friend. the weather here - like gods emptied all the worlds oceans upon my little abode. wondered about your american transformation - mom thanksgiving turkey and apple pie...eh?

sorry to hear about charley. remember he chased me into your bathroom? still it couldve been worse - he couldve snogged me.

ps if youre still looking for housesitter come january i might come over. two minds at the minute --- as long as money permits i think i will though

thanks for your message about charley. i'm finding it very hard to deal with. barely any of those warnings had me convinced.

if u came over before i left i could afford to give u the survivors guide to the place.

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